I made Patrick Stump cry once.

I AM: Stephanie.
22 Years Young. Graphic Designer.
Loves: Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Panic! At The Disco, Game of Thrones, etc.

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Anonymous: Is there anything that stands out that made you pick CMU over Saginaw Valley?

My graphic design teacher at my last school got her degree from CMU and she talked about it a lot and it just really made me interested in it and I liked the campus a lot. The residence halls were decent and there’s a lot of activities. The town itself is pretty populated but not insane to the point where it’s suffocating. 

I don’t know, I guess I just liked the campus a lot haha. And the knowledge I got from my professor really kind of helped.

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Anonymous: For the folie fest graphic I must say I liked it though I was confused at first but after giving it a moment of thought I realised what it was.

Yeah I’ve never made a logo this abstract before but I kinda like it. Since it’s a music festival I have a little more room to get artistic so I thought I’d venture out a bit. 

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Anonymous: Oh well, worth a shot :) It seems like a cool school

It’s fun and cheaper than some other schools haha.

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Anonymous: you use that jennifer lawrence gif every time

cause it expresses my feelings perfectly

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Anonymous: Oakland, Saginaw Valley State, U of M, and then there was this one in California was was semi interested in.

I almost went to Saginaw Valley!! All good schools haha.

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Anonymous: You are seriously so gorgeous! You are honestly so beautiful! Then, I see your post & how nice you are to new fans & how caring you seem from just some text posts & I know you are probably one of the greatest people ever it's crazy. Please never EVER doubt yourself. I know this sounds stupid considering I've never met you, but I aspire to be as nice, caring, & loving as you are. Love you & your blog like crazy!

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Anonymous: Hey it's a different anon. Do you have any friends that are computer science majors?

I don’t :[ Sorry!

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Anonymous: I'm like in the middle of deciding right now. But, I was looking into something along the lines of being an English major?

I think you’ll like it. It’s worth a visit anyway. Where else are you looking??

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trohlman: I think you're a buttface poopyhead in real life.

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peanute99: Super swag and hella rad

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Anonymous: How do you like it there? (I'm looking into colleges that aren't too far from home and CMU is on that list to look into)

I like it. Kinda in the middle of no where. What are you looking to go into?

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